ROEZ, s.r.o. is a long-term patron of young talents.

One of them is Patrícia Bátovská who took part in the Arctic Expedition 2019.

“My name is Patrícia, and I had the honour to be the first Slovak woman who took part in the Climate Force expedition,” she says.

These annually organised expeditions are led by Robert Swan, the first man the world who reached the both Earth poles on foot. The purpose of the expeditions is to provide the participants with necessary knowledge of climatic changes, help them to improve their leadership skills, and inspire them to do more in ecology and motivate also others in their countries and communities.

“We can see with our own eyes the melting icebergs, observe local animals whose homes are virtually appropriated by humans, discuss impacts of climatic changes on ecosystems with experts, and meet local inhabitants. It had a significant impact on me and other 85 participants, and we felt even bigger resolve to contribute to a positive change.

We have decided together to start a project with new eco challenges for every month that we will spread through social networks, and thus inspire the maximum number of people. For me personally, the expedition was very fruitful. In addition to theoretical knowledge and skills, it was a team of people from 27 countries of the world with identical motivation, objective and mainly big resolve. It is perfect to see that such people exist, and help us to move forward,” she assesses.


We are glad that also our company by the support provided to Patrícia has contributed at least by this little to this noble objective.