We have successfully finished manufacture of R-502A reactor that will be installed in POX operation in Unipetrol Litvínov during outage 2020. The reactor serves for conversion of synthesis gas.The gas enters the reactor at 370 °C and leaves it at 390 °C. The basic data of the reactor are: diameter of the vessel is 3400 mm and the height is 7900 mm, the casing wall thickness is 50 mm, working volume 42.8 m3, total weight of the vessel is 42,900 kg.

To meet safe operation, the reactor was manufactured from material 13CrMo4-5 with a requirement for increased purity of the base material. Fulfilment of this criterion was monitored at input inspection of metallurgical materials that were subject to material analysis (PMI – positive material identification) that is performed by our own device SPECTRO PORT. Circumferential welds of the vessel casing were done by semi-automated welding machine (welding method 121) that was designed by our IWE/EWE welding specialists. The last stage of the manufacture was thermal treatment in compliance with PWHT diagram.

When performing this order, we have tested own manufacturing capacities, technological processes and procedures, accuracy of manufacture of a thick wall vessel, handling with heavier loads and, last but not least, quality in the process of semi-automated welding with own welding machine. The professional approach of our workers at all levels of performance has led to the product – reactor R-502A that meets all qualitative demands of the client at the takeover procedure and we want to express our gratitude to the whole team of the Manufacture division.