The company was founded in 2004 and during its existence it has become a profiled complex supplier of technological parts and investment units with an accent to mechanical technology in nuclear, thermal, hydro and gas-oil power industry.

Since its foundation the company permanently grows. Based on last five years it reaches an average annual turnover of more than ten million Euros and it currently provides work for more than 120 employees. ROEZ, s.r.o. is purely Slovak company which operates mainly in the Slovak republic. In the Czech Republic it is represented by ROEZ ENERGO PRAHA, s.r.o. company. The company develops other representations through agents. Thanks to long-term experience of our specialists and flexible approach, we are able to perform customised orders within central Europe.

Basic division of ROEZ activities is into designing and engineering services, expert engineering services in the field of calculation analyses of stress and assessment of mechanical-technological equipment, capacities of manufacturing plant with own manufacturing programme and erection capacities, then distribution programme of single-part deliveries with focus on special valves, complex management of investment projects and support services.
The company has tried its engineering and implementation basis thus it can solve demanding mechanical-technological realisations and complex EPC turn-key contracts, which include not only typical scope of engineering and implementation activities but also an area of development and qualification of equipment and work as a whole under a single umbrella.

The company´s seat is in Levice where there is the main administrative background and manufacturing plant. In Bratislava there is designing and engineering division and expert services division. In the Czech Republic the Works are performed via ROEZ ENERGO PRAHA, s.r.o. company with its seat in Prague.