Division of Project management is one of the main division of the company covering complete management of investment projects. PMD division disposes of a group of managers who contribute to management of demanding projects. PMD division was established from the reason of increasing demandingness of implemented projects and higher quality of the scope of services offered from us to our customers.

For operators and investors we are ready to bring added value of EPC project services complexity from one supplier starting with analysis of present condition with recommendations, through design, production, realisation up to final putting into operation while majority of the activities is performed by own capacities.

Our advantages as an EPC partner are in nuclear power

  • Experienced team of project managers in „fast track“ projects management related to nuclear units outages
  • Own project capacities with experience in NPP
  • Own designing capacities with experience in NPP
  • Own expert calculating capacities in area of design, check calculations and seismic qualification
  • Custom-made mechanical production for NPP based on individual requirements of the operator, requirements of nuclear and technical safety arising from corresponding national legislation
  • Experience in assurance of complicated technological purchases
  • Experienced team in the area of assembly, maintenance, repairs and revisions of mechanical pressure equipment, valves, rotating machines and industrial air-conditionings

Projects in primary circuit:

  • Assurance of the containment tightness in technological part
  • Increase of emergency systems reliability
  • Pressure systems tightness solution
  • Reconstruction of containment premises cooling systems
  • Projects for increasing of seismic resistance
  • Projects of reconstruction, modernisation and exchange of important valves and controls
  • Reconstruction of filtrating and washing equipment

Projects in secondary circuit:

  • Projects for increasing of emergency systems reliability
  • Projects of modernisation and reconstruction of condensers
  • Projects of modernisation and reconstructions of pressure vessels
  • Projects of reconstruction, modernisation and exchange of valves
  • Reconstructions of filtration equipment

Projects for increase of NPP safety after incidents in Fukushima

  • Emergency cooling of primary circuit and spraying systems
  • Controlled flooding of reactor pit
  • Primary circuit depressurising
  • Primary circuit vacuum breaker