This includes all manufacturing, erection and service activities of the company. Manufacture division offers complete solutions of production orders in the scope of design, manufacturing documentation, delivery, erection, putting into operation, guarantee and post-guarantee service.

The division is located in a modern production plant, it disposes of experienced team of technical employees and manufacturing baseline of expert staff. Professional approach of our employees supported by experience enables to optimise separate technological processes with the aim to reach minimal time of realisation while keeping the quality above standard.

All processes are being performed within the standards of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, in compliance with which ROEZ company is certified. Preparation and execution of welding are processed in compliance with EN ISO 3834. Long –time experience with manufacture of equipment for NPP and also for hydro power. Own designing department, department for stress, fatigue, seismic and process calculations, experience in reverse engineering.


Deaerator is used in thermal power industry for thermic deaerating of service water (mainly to decrease the content of O2 and CO2. Physical basis of the thermic deaerating is heating of perfectly pulverised condensate to boiling temperature corresponding with immediate pressure at release of gases. To increase the area for heat transfer and release of gases the condensate is led to atomisation nozzles where the condensate is diffused. Thus the area for gases release and heating is increased because at the end a big number of drops have bigger area than a seamless water level.

In steam area the diffused condensate is heated to temperature corresponding to immediate pressure of saturation limit from increase of partial pressure of O2 (CO2) and separation of these gases. To increase efficiency of deaerating the water drops through a system of stainless partitions – vexils from bottom part of deaerator at further release of gases. Deaerator’s power is within the range of 130 – 650 t/hour of condensate, operational temperature 166.5±0.3oC.

Efficiency: deaerating depends on super-heating of the condensate being deaerated and on initial concentration of gases diluted in the condensate. The deaerator´s design is a pressure vessel with internals. From the deaerator´s function description the internals are divided into three basic parts– condensate diffusion nozzles, barrier area – vexils, steam inlet nozzles (the steam heats the condensate being deaerated). In the basic design the aerators are being made of carbon materials. To increase the lifetime it is possible to manufacture the internals from stainless steels, to line the internal surfaces by sheets from stainless steels or to manufacture the shell from duplex sheet.

Reactors for chemical industry