Deals with delivery of high-pressure control valves, reduction-cooling stations, filtration stations, hermetic, high-speed and other special closing devices for demanding applications with high requirements for technical and nuclear safety. For a long time co-operates with world leaders on the valves market.

Nowadays it is a support division for procurement of more demanding components with an impact on nuclear and technical safety for other divisions. At the same time it started distribution of own products from manufacture division production. Currently it is able to provide the job of package supplier of mechanical components for big industrial project.


Complete scope of control valves, equipment for steam treatment– coolers, nozzles, injections, combined reduction-cooling stations, bypass valves of steam turbines in the whole scope of pressures, temperatures from low-pressure to supercritical applications.

An exceptional equipment in the equipment of control valves and stations is multi-labyrinth cage with preliminary name RAVEN (REDUCE AND ATTENUATE THE EFFECTS OF VELOCITY, EROSION AND NOISE). Its tasks is to ensure  100% prevention against effects of big pressure drops and velocities as cavitation, erosion, noise and vibrations. Our philosophy is to supply a control valve which is designed for required operational life time not only persisting during necessary guarantee period which makes us different from our competitors.

Basic benefits:

  • Optional inside diameters, standard type series to DN600
  • Pressure class standardly to PN720 or for supercritical applications based on individual requirements
  • Individually designed internals covering all operational conditions
  • Any type of connection
  • Observance of all material requirements
  • Quickly dismountable internals and parting lines without welded parts
  • Unlimited number of pressure reduction levels
  • Multiple entries and exits through an internal
  • Individual design reflecting customer´s needs
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