Deals with delivery of high-pressure control valves, reduction-cooling stations, filtration stations, hermetic, high-speed and other special closing devices for demanding applications with high requirements for technical and nuclear safety. For a long time co-operates with world leaders on the valves market.

Nowadays it is a support division for procurement of more demanding components with an impact on nuclear and technical safety for other divisions. At the same time it started distribution of own products from manufacture division production. Currently it is able to provide the job of package supplier of mechanical components for big industrial project.

Complete spectrum of closing valves, gate valves, check-valves, flaps, expansion valves, condensate removers in full scope of pressures, temperatures and diameters for power and industry. We offer advantages of forged valves attested by years in operation in high-temperature and high-pressure applications made by one die without welded parts up to inside diameter DN600, flaps with triple eccentricity with tight closing without friction and several other excellent technical solutions contributing to improvement of technical and nuclear safety and operational comfort.

  • Gate valves, valves and check valves with minimisation of emissions releases, tight closing and simple maintenance with pressure tightness or flange parting line
  • Standards knife gate valves and the ones with flange parting line with structure for minimisation of releases
  • Forged closing and check valves in inclined type for high-pressure applications made by one die
  • Valves of small inside diameter in forged type - gate valves, check valves, angle valves,expansion valves with exceptional structural advantages
  • Quarter-spin valves – ball valves, flaps for common use and more demanding applications with abrasive  and corrosive media
  • Valves for cryogen applications
  • Steam traps – complete assortment of bimetallic and thermodynamic steam traps
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