Deals with delivery of high-pressure control valves, reduction-cooling stations, filtration stations, hermetic, high-speed and other special closing devices for demanding applications with high requirements for technical and nuclear safety. For a long time co-operates with world leaders on the valves market.

Nowadays it is a support division for procurement of more demanding components with an impact on nuclear and technical safety for other divisions. At the same time it started distribution of own products from manufacture division production. Currently it is able to provide the job of package supplier of mechanical components for big industrial project.


Repairs are economically advantageous solution of original parts renewal having minimal delivery periods and costs.

Technical evaluation of accepted parts helps to identify also potential operational problems based on review of separate parts condition.
We dispose of qualified and experienced staff and technological equipment also for repair of over-sized equipment (hydraulic torque wrench, lifting device, etc.) and we are able to provide repair including complete engineering and design, study, defects analysis and fatigue, as well as requalification of equipment.

Benefits of repairs:

  • Financial saving: economical more beneficial than purchase of new parts– repair of existing components instead of ordering complete sets of spare parts
  • Time saving: lower time demanding compared to purchase of new parts

Modernisation or technical improvement of existing equipment are desirable, mainly in cases where operational needs of the operation changed from its first putting into operation, life time of the operation was prolonged or its efficiency increase is required.

Modernisation benefits:

  • Reduction of costs as well as delivery period when compared to purchase of new equipment
  • Technical re-evaluation of the operational parameters and related optimisation of proposed modernisation solution

Potential improvements include:

  • Modifications of the valves internals
  • Reinforcement of used materials (stelliting, nitriding)
  • Control modification (pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, combined)