We are pleased to announce that we have successfully implemented the project of modernization of canal locks in the cooling water canals for our client ČEZ Nuclear Power Plant Temelín

The main goal of the project was to ensure the tightness of selected canal locks in the canals and in the inlet building of the pumping station, especially for long-term and trouble-free revision services of inlet openings and relevant pumping station technology

The subject was a complex work consisting of the design, production, installation and testing of new automatic canal locks in circulating cooling water canals, including supporting parts of the technology. Part of the work was the elaboration of implementation project documentation, production documentation of equipment, own production of electrically operated canal locks in dimensions 2100x2100mm (8pcs), 4200x3270mm (4pcs) and 8000c3850mm (4pcs), transport and equipment for construction, contruction works, disassembly and assembly works, including electrical and I&C part, tests and commissioning

The result is a well-realized modernization of the canal locks without the need for physical manipulation of the canal locks and without other necessary interventions in the related technology

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