ROEZ company has implemented and effective and functional system of quality management in compliance with standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 which is regularly verified by a certificating organisation 3 EC International, a.s.

This is why the primary goal of ROEZ  company is permanent improvement in the area of quality of goods and services that are being supplied to our customers. Fulfilment of this goal is primarily assured by:

·         Orientation of the company management to fulfilment of all employees needs who directly or indirectly bring added value to the company in a form of high-quality of professional work,

·         Orientation of ROEZ company to determination and fulfilment of specific requirements of customers in order to increase their satisfaction.   We put emphasis to detailed analysis, precise pricing of goods and services taking into account identified risk factors, meeting contractual deadlines, fulfilment of legislative requirements, standards and prescriptions of the customer, professional implementation of work, flexible solution of unexpected issues, open communication with our employees,  

·         Company orientation to co-operation only with verified portfolio of suppliers who are regularly evaluated and inspected from the point of view of goods/services quality, deadlines as well as price,

·         Company orientation to meeting of legislative regulations in the area of environmental protection that were accepted by the Slovak Republic within European commonwealth.  By constant increase of our employees knowledge in order to avoid negative impact on environment from their daily activities at work or at home because such pollution will have a big impact on health and life of people on this planet in the future, 

·         Company orientation to legislative regulations in the area of labour safety and health protection. In the company there are regularly identified and re-evaluated risks of  Labour safety, the employees are equipped by personal protective means arising from risk rate of their activities, the employees are regularly trained in the area of Labour safety in compliance with current regulations of SR.  


Company management regularly monitors, analyses and evaluates status in the area of integrated system of quality management and in case of needs it accepts corrective actions for its persistent improvement.