We successfully finished manufacture of the boiler drum on the basis of the order from UNIS Power, s.r.o.

A top coat will be applied on the boiler drum. Then, the internals will be installed, and the drum will be

delivered to the final user, which is BorsodChem Zrt. in Hungary.


The boiler drum is of the cylindrical shape with semi-spherical bottoms, which are equipped with manholes

with closures. The boiler drum contains also the internals; in our case, these are cyclone separators ensuring

separation of water particles from saturated steam, i.e. required steam purity. There are necessary nozzles

welded on the boiler drum shell for connection of feedwater pipes, saturated steam pipes, flooding pipes,

connecting pipes, drain pipes, and chemical dosing pipes. The boiler drum contains also a mixing chamber

and nozzles for level and pressure measurements. The boiler drum is placed on two supports, and it makes

a part of the medium-pressure or high-pressure evaporating circuit of the boiler.

Basic data of the boiler drum

Manufacturing standard:                                    EN 12952

Working pressure:                                                3.67 MPa

Working temperature:                                         252°C

Diameter:                                                               2.000 mm

Cylindrical part length:                                        6.800 mm

Wall thickness:                                                       36 mm

Quality of material:                                              P355GH / 16Mo3

Volume:                                                                  8712 l

Weight:                                                                  24.5 t

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