ROEZ finished general overhaul of two pieces intake equipment TG2 of the Nosice hydroelectric power plant with an installed capacity 67.5 MW. Scope of overhaul was focused on repair and modernisation of barrier and closing boards and repair and modernisation of hydraulic control with boards.


Within general overhaul were upgraded two pieces of barrier boards with dimensions 7100x4550x1264mm and two pieces of boards with dimensions 7115x4550x1264mm. Modernisation consists of installation and redesign of new mobile chassis of barrier boards for movements in object.


The most difficult part of the reconstruction was modernization of two pieces control linear hydraulic motors with interesting dimensions - piston diameter 550 mm, stroke 8550 mm and working pressure 7.5 MPa. Hydraulic linear motors manipulate with quick acting barrier boards and modernisation ensured their better tightness and reliability.


New modern sealing and ceramic coating on piston rod extends service life.The reliability of the entire hydraulic system also contributed a complete overhaul of hydraulic aggregates.


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