• 2004     Setting up the company, process equipment for power industry
  • 2005     Obtaining of the first contract in Nuclear Power Plants in SR in the field of   mechanical-technological equipment maintenance
  • 2006     Beginning of activities in conventional power industry in the field of  design and supply of bypass systems, systems for pressure and  temperature control of energy steam and mechanical filtration
  • 2007     Execution of the first own small turn-key projects for customers Slovnaft,   Slovenské elektrárne, elaborations of the first implementation mechanical-technological design of the power plant machine room,  development of comprehensive outsourcing of the maintenance.
  • 2008      Signing of long-term contracts for maintenance and repairs of mechanical- technological equipment, enhancing of own manufacturing in the  premises of SES   Tlmače
  • 2009      First significant turn-key contracts in Nuclear Power Plants in SR
  • 2010      First significant comprehensive project in NPP safety
  • 2011      First significant comprehensive project in Hydro Plant
  • 2012      Acquisition of Cheneko, a.s. Bratislava
  • 2013      New manufacturing plant in Levice final approval and starting
  • 2014      Return to Czech market, opening of commercial representation in  Germany



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