We are aware of each employee´s contribution and we are trying to give him opportunity for personal fulfilment. We co-operate across whole company structure, we mutually share experiences. It is obvious that we provide professional courses and training that are fully reimbursed by the employer. We are a flexible and dynamic team which copes with changes and always tries to be one step ahead compared to others on the market. This means higher expectations from the people but positive advantage is that they do not fall into a stereotype. We enable the employees to promote their career regardless the length of practice, education; it depends solely on his abilities and willingness to take responsibility for management of the project and people.
We express our acknowledgement to our employees not only by salaries and bonuses but also by entrusting of the company cars into personal usage, providing company phones and motivating programme listed below:

  • Contributions to alimentation
  • Contributions when a child is born
  • Contributions at significant life events
  • Contributions at retirement
  • Contributions to cultural events
  • Financial loans to bridge a difficult personal situation
  • We meet and organise social initiatives every year


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