Stress Analyses division offers calculation analyses of stress and assessment of mechanical equipment strength. In this division there work experts with long-term experience in the area of stress calculations for pressure equipment/ steel structures and calculation by the method of finite elements. The division was founded in 2011.

In the area of operation, maintenance and repair of pressure equipment and steel structures we offer calculations based on formulas and detailed calculation analyses of FEM focused on safety improvement, life-time prolongation, optimisation of maintenance and minimisation of losses from unplanned  outages. Our services in this area:

  • Assessment of operability of the pressure equipment based on their issue of fact,
  • Design, assessment, optimisation of structures reinforcement during repairs,
  • Determination of operational modes change impact on safety and remaining life-time,
  • Change of sealing nodes, analyses of flange connection tightness conditions,
  • Assessment of defects and cracks, evaluation of their spreading speed and accessibility.