Deals with delivery of high-pressure control valves, reduction-cooling stations, filtration stations, hermetic, high-speed and other special closing devices for demanding applications with high requirements for technical and nuclear safety. For a long time co-operates with world leaders on the valves market.

Nowadays it is a support division for procurement of more demanding components with an impact on nuclear and technical safety for other divisions. At the same time it started distribution of own products from manufacture division production. Currently it is able to provide the job of package supplier of mechanical components for big industrial project.

Bypass turbine station can be deservedly names as the most complicated combined valve which has to combine maximal operational reliability, it means ability of immediate start-up from cold condition, continuous variable control, velocity and safety of actuator´s opening, ability of repeated start-ups, high level of tightness in closed condition, ability of immediate reduction of steam pressure and temperature from critical parameters to low parameters for the condenser. We are talking about application where there is no compromise. ROEZ is the supplier of the most advanced bypass stations of DSCV type on global market with a number of successful installations and satisfied customers.


  • Pressure class from ANSI 150 – 4500, divided structure
  • Any type of connection
  • Without requirement to high-pressure cooling water source
  • Sufficient capacity for big volumes of cooling media
  • High controllable scope of cooling
  • Tightness class ANSI/FCI 70-2 CLASS V
  • Multi-level cage of multi-labyrinth cages for noise control
  • Observance of all material requirements
  • Parting line flange, pressure tight
  • Quickly changeable internals without welded parts
  • Cooling water is atomised by high-pressure input P1 
  • Extremely mild atomisation on a big surface
  • Rapid heat transfer
  • Quick evaporation
  • Cooling water is pre-heated by high temperature of inlet steam T1
  • Cooling water is not in contact with diffuser
  • Without requirement to protective coat in inlet section
  • Atomising steam is at disposal immediately at bypass DSCV opening
  • A part of delivery is so called dum
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